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inground fiberglass swimming pools middlesex va


Riviera Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools.
The Fastest Way to Swim!

You'll love a beautiful Riviera Pool because they install superfast, they use less chemicals and they require less maintenance. We're believe in Riviera Fiberglass Pools because they're built with top grade materials in stringent climate-controlled factories. The color choices are stunning and options to satisfy everyone.

Fast installation

Fewer chemicals

Less maintenance

Why you'll love Riviera Fiberglass Inground Pools

*on some models

  • Lifetime warranty
  • One-time transferable ownership option
  • 8 amazing color choices
  • 22 different styles to choose from
  • Non-skid walk surfaces
  • Swim ledge *
  • Relaxation station with Parasol *
  • Energizer Bench *
  • Dual-entry walk-in steps *
  • A size for every yard
  • Bench seating for your guests
  • Resistance swimming pool options available

Riviera Fiberglass Pool Colors

Your private pool is a persaonal statement about your style. Reflect your personality with the perfect color. Our bold selection will ensure that you can get the perfect look.

Add our shimmer finish for amazing shifts of color throughout the day. This luxurious finish comes standard on all of Riviera Pools’ fiberglass models. You’re putting a final touch of luxury on your pool with one of our seven shimmer options.

alpine sparkle
azure blue
evenging sky
midnight reflection
natural serene

Riviera Fiberglass Pool Styles

Your property is unique. Different climates, landscapes and neighborhoods all call for different pool designs. We have a model for every location and every site, from the glamorous to the modest, from the massive to the compact.

Browse our different shapes and sizes here. Which one would best fits your needs and personal taste?

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