Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools
The Fastest Way to Swim!

At Fun and Fit Pools and Spas, we LOVE installing fiberglass pools because (1) they install superfast, (2) they use less chemicals, (3) they require less maintenance, (4) they have no interior replacement cost or issues, and (5) they consistently demonstrate superior quality and more reliable results. We're big fans of Riviera Fiberglass Pools as well as Aloha Fiberglass Pools, because they're both built with top grade materials in stringent climate-controlled factories. The color choices and options available are stunning.


We’re especially fond of Riviera fiberglass pools because:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • One-time transferable ownership option
  • 8 amazing color choices
  • 22 different styles to choose from
  • Non-skid walk surfaces
  • Swim ledge *
  • Relaxation station with Parasol *
  • Energizer Bench *
  • Dual-entry walk-in steps *
  • A size for every yard
  • Bench seating for your guests
  • Resistance swimming pool options available


* on some models.


Click on any photo for details, dimensions, and photos of that model.


For additional shapes and sizes, be sure to check out our Aloha Fiberglass Pools gallery.


Fun and Fit Pools and Spas can also design and build a custom outdoor kitchen or outdoor cooking area to complement your swimming pool project. Click here for outdoor kitchen details, options and ideas. Or give us a call at (804) 725-1517.