About Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are not only beautiful, but they have huge advantages over any other type of pool, including ease of maintenance, cost of ownership, and durability for any location. Read on to discover why your life will be BETTER with a FIBERGLASS pool – ESPECIALLY when that pool is a RIVIERA fiberglass pool from Fun and Fit Pools & Spas.


The Undeniably Huge Advantages of Fiberglass Pools

There are 5 undeniably huge advantages of fiberglass pools, most of which are (inexplicably) still a secret to homeowners.


Undeniably huge advantage #1: "SPEED of INSTALLATION." It's really as simple as this:

  • Installing a fiberglass pool takes DAYS.
  • Installing a vinyl-liner pool takes WEEKS.
  • Installing a concrete/Gunite pool takes MONTHS.




About Riviera Fiberglass Pools


Our Riviera fiberglass pools exceed industry standards, and the quality will stand up against all competitors.


Our Riviera fiberglass pools exceed industry standards, and the quality will stand up against all competitors.


We build our pools one at a time. A Riviera Pool is built to exacting standards in a climate-controlled production facility. This means that a pool owner is assured of conditions ideal for quality control. Made under controlled factory tolerances and conditions to minimize variations in construction that can happen on the job site.


We were the first Fiberglass company to offer Lifetime transferable warranty and a 15 year non-pro ratable finish warranty. We are able to offer this guarantee of quality because of 3 decades of pool manufacturing experience.


It's not just about fun.


Pool ownership is serious business. We realize that it is not a snap decision and takes careful consideration. That's why a Riviera Pool is built to the highest caliber. The polymer fiberglass process exceeds industry standards for quality and durability.


The resulting swimming pool, while being the focal point of your backyard entertaining, will provide years of carefree ownership. Lasting value and the transferable ownership will complement your property value.



Our exclusive manufacturing process ensures years of low maintenance enjoyment.

  • Riviera Pools DO NOT use or condone the use of any filler in Fiberglass pools.
  • Riviera Pools have the best procedures in the industry for the construction of fiberglass swimming pools.
  • We have the most highly trained and experienced staff available in the business.
  • We use up to 50% more material on all our pool than American Standards require.
  • When you buy a Riviera Pool, you can be assured that you bought the absolute best fiberglass swimming pool that money can buy.


The perfect Riviera Pool formula: Low maintenance + low stress = High Enjoyment.


So grab your shades, a towel and walk into your own Riviera Pool!